Angela de Nozza Other Artistic Works

I am happy to welcome you in the area dedicated to my other artistic works. In addition to my paintings, I love creating one-of-a-kind jewelry and underdrawings in charcoal.

My jewels are unique pieces inspired by the shapes and colors of nature. I love using precious materials such as gold, diamonds, emeralds, lapis lazuli.

My charcoal drawings are instead a tool to explore shapes and shadows, and help me prepare my paintings. I love the feel of charcoal on paper, and the way I can get shading and detail with just one tool.

I hope you will enjoy my other artworks as much as my paintings, Thanks for visiting my dedicated area!

Jewels unique works

no longer available

My approach to creating a unique jewel always starts with a graphic sketch on paper, where I try to capture the idea and the mood of the piece I want to create.

Once the sketch is complete, I move on to the material selection phase.

Based on my ideas, I choose the precious metals, gems and stones that will make up the jewel. For me, the choice of materials is fundamental because each stone has its energy and each metal its resistance.

Charcoal drawings

Through the charcoal I can create strong contrasts and obtain a depth effect that fascinates me.

Early Works

These are my first works: a more pragmatic vision of reality as a starting point for an introspective and metaphorical evolution

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