Angela De Nozza


Angela De Nozza: new works inspired by memory, dream, space, time, silence and waiting

A long history of excellence distinguishes the value of the artistic and technical quality of the works crafted at Fratelli Piccini Jewellery on Ponte Vecchio in Florence since the early ‘900s, especially in the work of the precocious genius of Armando that at the age of only twenty-three won the First Award at the XX Venice Biennial in 1936. At the prestigious event he presented fourteen ... >>

Francesco Vossilla on "Riposano le colline"

"I am as vague as the sea like those who have nowhere to stay" (Lao-Tse) Paintings forced back toward the fantastic, marked by a long time and sentimental. Impalpable extent, vague feelings and perceptions that would become known only in a liquid or meandering reach. So the picture looks like the figure of what could be memory or desire, or something 'photographed' beyond the real, both in memory ... >>

Marco Mairaghi on the exhibition "Un'altra luce"

With great pleasure we host the exhibition grounds of the Casa Rossa the exhibition "Un'altra luce" by Angela De Nozza. In this exhibition, this artist - "marchegiana" by birth and Florentine by adoption - proves her sensibility and her pictorial touch in large canvases that combine emotion and imagination. Another light embraces the already bright Casa Rossa, which for the first time opens to a ... >>

Cristina Acidini on the exhibition "Un'altra luce"

Since the titles of her paintings and her exhibitions reveals the artistic orientation of Angela De Nozza, painter absorbed and cultured visions. Formulas as "lnombrandosi", "Non c'è vento", "Prima del ritorno", are weighted long titles that demonstrate the thoughtful reflection of her visual repertoire, dominated the meaning of slowness or immobility, often quiet and waiting secluded, wise in ... >>

Alessandro Sarti on the exhibition "Un'altra luce"

I still remember when, some years ago, I met Angela for the first time, along with her family. It was a hot summer day and while I was visiting her studio I found myself in company with friends to appreciate her works, her paintings, all arranged neatly. We brought some works out into the garden, leaning them on plants. As in an exhibition in "plein air" those large canvases, placed here and ... >>

Ornella Casazza Sarti on the exhibition "Un'altra luce"

Angela lives in the beautiful Certosa Florentine countryside, in a secluded place, quiet and perfectly ordered. She works in the "little house" in the trees, guarded by Neapolitan mastiff Elijah. It is the tree, characteristic and inexorable part of the landscape, to play a special role in her paintings becoming valuable point of reference for strengthening the link between her soul and the soul ... >>

Daniela Cresti on the exhibition "Non c'è vento"

It is a suspended, almost a waiting world. Sometimes simply removed from sight. In "Fra qualche giorno partiro di qui" ("in a few days I will leave this place") the journey appears arduous. In the midst of large rolling boulders the destination is very distant. But the present is a disregarding of time, an enchantment of places which while they go on living attain to an Indefinite that is neither ... >>

Gustavo Durville on the exhibition "Inombrandosi"

Playing with the shadows of silence is Angela De Nozza's way of painting. Backgrounds intersect on her canvases, and cold colours tend to colonise the lighter areas, the warmer shades reemerging from remote dreams. The superfluous escapes, only to re-join its uselessness. The mostly warm colours start off from the unconscious and are attracted towards the conscious areas of the psyche, joining ... >>