Angela De Nozza


Angela De Nozza: new works inspired by memory, dream, space, time, silence and waiting

A long history of excellence distinguishes the value of the artistic and technical quality of the works crafted at Fratelli Piccini Jewellery on Ponte Vecchio in Florence since the early ‘900s, especially in the work of the precocious genius of Armando that at the age of only twenty-three won the First Award at the XX Venice Biennial in 1936. At the prestigious event he presented fourteen engraved stones that showed great virtuosity of shape united with a refined elegance of style: these are the precious stones donated by the artist to the City of Florence which are now on display, permanently, in the prestigious showcase of the Museo degli Argenti in Palazzo Pitti. Armando had studied at the Art Institute of Porta Romana, and had been a student of the charismatic master Libero Andreotti, also tightening sincere and lasting friendships with the sculptors Antonio Berti, Delio Crabs, and later with the painter Elio Fiore Pirzio.

Today the vitality of the historical jewellery shop, can also be measured by its ability to adapt to the culture, the style and taste of modernity, without diminishing its recognizable image that has handed down the true dimension of luxury, elegance and beauty. Continuing on the route along with the contemporary, Mrs. Laura Piccini and her daughter Elisa, present, with us, the artist Angela De Nozza with an extraordinary exhibition that offers the public new works inspired by memory, dream, space, time, silence, and waiting. Armando would have also liked to find at his “home” these creations that enchant at a first glance with the tenderness of blues, pinks, greens, the luxuriance of the vegetation and the elegant grace of the depiction.

They take away your mind and heart with the preciousness and the likelihood of the botanical and zoological details, which allow for the recognition of the plant and animal species present in the works. Angela lives in harmony with nature, among trees, in the splendid Florentine countryside of Certosa and precisely those trees along with her Neapolitan mastiff Elia, play a special role in her works often becoming a reference point to tighten the link between her soul and the soul of nature. The painter’s case is exemplar: entering the dimension of luxury, she steps with absolute determination into the world of jewellery imposing yet again her spiritual vision and her elegant and mysterious appeal. Fate would have it, Angela, a student of the Florentine painter Pirzio, once a close friend of Armando’s, was to be welcomed into Fratelli Piccini Jewellery to create and expose her works in the beloved shop that once homed the famous goldsmith, for an entire lifetime, obliged to exigent, strict and insatiable quality.

Ornella Casazza
Art Historian Former director of the Museo degli Argenti and the Porcellane at Palazzo Pitti